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The Cultural Landscape of Sintra is classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of the most mysterious and amazing places within it, is the estate of Quinta da Regaleira. The property consists of a Romantic palace and chapel, and a luxurious park that features lakes, grottoes, wells, benches, fountains and a vast array of plants.

Do you want something mystical? Then you have to visit the Well of Initiation. Masonic initiation rites were held here. The well, 30 meters deep, consists of nine levels, which symbolize the nine circles of hell, purgatory and paradise described by Dante. The unity of opposites: light and dark, life and death, heaven and hell.
At the bottom of the well is a compass painted over the cross of the Knights Templar. On the wall of the crypt is the sign «Delta Luminoso» — a symbol of Freemasonry.
There is complete darkness at the bottom of the well, the compass needle always points east, towards the sun and light. Going down to the bottom of the well, you will go through a rite of initiation and self-knowledge.


After Sintra we will go to the westernmost point of Europe – Cape Roca (Cabo da Roca) to watch a breathtaking sunset. Cape Roca is the point where the land ends and the sea begins. This is a must visit place!

The rock, on which the 22-meter lighthouse stands, rises 143 meters above the ocean. The lighthouse sends its beams 50 km ahead. Merchant ships from all over the world, heading to the port of Lisbon, recognized the signal from afar. This 1772 lighthouse still safely guides the vessels that sail along the Portuguese coast.


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Porto is one of the oldest cities, the second largest city after Lisbon and the former capital of Portugal. It’s incredible place that you fall in love with at first sight. We promise that you will look around admiringly from the very first minute of our tour.

It was Porto that gave its name to the country and to the world-famous fortified wine. Porto is often referred to as the city of bridges. All of them go across the Douro River, along the banks of which all the main vineyards of the country are located. It’s worth walking along the largest of the bridges — Ponte de Dom Luis I. Two-tiered, designed for pedestrians, cars and metro line, it sways slightly from gusts of wind and cars passing over it. To attract tourists, local boys jump into the river from the lower tier for 1 euro.

In summer French and Dutch DJs throw parties on the Douro promenade. Street musicians sing songs in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Someone arranges dances and mimes sit in various motionless poses.

In the suburb of Porto — Vila Nova de Gaia, which is located on the other side of the river, for 300 years there have been the main cellars for storing port wine. Here we can visit the one of a kind Museum of Port Wine.

 Vila Nova de Gaia

To the Vila Nova de Gaia city, founded in 1255, people come to try the best port wine in the world. Since then, and to this day, it is considered the main spot where the famous port wine is loaded onto ships carrying it all over the world. The most famous wine cellars, warehouses, cork factories are located here on the banks of the Douro River. You will have the opportunity to visit any of the cellars, see how port wine is stored, learn about production technology and taste different types of this beverage.

People say that Portuguese wine has a soul. It has many different types — green (Vinho Verde), aged white and red, fortified (Vinho do Porto and Vinho Madeira), dessert (Muscatel), sparkling (Espumante) and rose (Rosé).


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Nazare is a place of power, incredible energy and impressive views. Here the most giant waves on the planet rise, thanks to which Nazare has gained worldwide fame and has become a popular tourist destination.

Here in 2011, Garrett McNamara set a world surfing record on a 24-meter wave, and soon in 2013 he broke his record on 30-meter wave. Locals tell stories, that sometimes they observe waves of 40 and even 50 meters!
According to legend, the name Nazaré comes from the biblical Nazareth in the Holy Land, the city where Jesus spent his childhood and youth.

Nazare is a very beautiful town, its main charm is in the magnificent, huge promenade.


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Obidos is one of the oldest cities in Portugal. It originates from the Roman settlement of the 1st century BC. Then it was occupied by the Visigoths, Arabs, and in 1148 became Portuguese.

This is definitely the cutest town in Portugal, you can feel it when you enter the gates of the old fortress and take a look at the sweetest streets full of flowers.

The beautiful history of Obidos began in 1282, when King Dinis married Isabella of Aragon and gave her a gift — Obidos. After that, each king, upon marriage, gave his bride a fabulous medieval city. Also the kings spent their honeymoon in Obidos.

С Since the 13th century, the city hasn’t changed much, so the atmosphere of the distant past reigns here. The city authorities support the historical heritage and annually hold medieval bazaars and music festivals in Obidos.

One beverage that you should definitely try here is Zhiginja, a sweet liquor made from the same named berries. It is served in edible chocolate mugs.


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You have a great opportunity to visit one of the most famous factories in Portugal — FATUM. Here you will learn about the whole technology of surfboard production, from the very beginning to the release.


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We will visit some incredibly beautiful places on the cost and watch the sunset among the rocks in one secret spot.