Sri Lanka is a tropical surf paradise with perfect waves, warm ocean and comfortable weather.

Surf spot is a part of the coast where the waves are suitable for surfing. Beach break is a great choice for beginners, as well as for those who have already tried surfing and want to improve their skills. Advanced surfers are more interested in reef breaks, because reef forms a completely different waves, and feelings when you catch and ride these waves are different too. In Sri Lanka there are a lot of spots, both sandy and reef, somewhere reef is deep enough for you to level up safely, somewhere it’s clearly visible through the water and you can almost touch it with your feet. The last option is only for thrill-seekers and pros!

In addition, the sunrises and sunsets in Sri Lanka are truly incredible. Just imagine — you are on a line-up waiting for your wave and enjoying this beauty. The palm trees are all around, the sky is painted in different colors and the ocean shines with reflection of the sun.

We conduct our surf lessons on a sandy beach, where you can safely enter the ocean and not be afraid to hit the rocks. It is also more efficient to learn on gentler and slower beach break waves, because you will have enough time to assess the situation, consciously perform all take-off steps, stand up and do turns. For your convenience, there are sun loungers, shower and bar where you can drink fresh juices and have a snack.

Surfing in Sri Lanka will bring you great pleasure without any doubt!