Our team

 Vadim and Katya – We love to travel, and we have visited almost the whole world. We fell in love with Portugal while travelling along its coast. We are in love with beautiful nature, with people and, of course, with beautiful ocean. And it was surfing that impressed us most of all. We are the organizers of the camp. We coordinate the whole activity, and that is why you can address any question to us, both about camp activity and about Portugal itself.


 Sasha is a masseur with a diploma. He studied in Thai massage schools, Suai Thai massage School (Phuket. Thailand) TMC Massage School of Chiang Mai ( Chiang Mai. Thailand) Whatpo Thai Traditionsl Massage school (Thailand.Samui) What Mahawan ( Thailand. Chiang Mai)
Thai Traditional massage Training School. TTC Spa School of Bangkok ( Thailand. Bangkok)
IMP ( inst. prof. Massazha. Rossiya.moscow). Alexander will restore your body after surf training in a short time, so make appointment!


 Sergio is a surf instructor with an international license. He grew up on Tenerife, and he has been catching waves for 8 years. He gave surfing lessons on Tenerife, and now he is in our team. He is a very openhearted and joyful guy. He will always stay by you; he will help you with catching the best waves and will share his huge experience with you.


Bruno is a Brazilian; he has been surfing for 34 years already. His trainer’s experience dates back to 1998. He is a licensed personal surfing trainer for 12 years already. He knows everything about surfing, kite surfing and sup surfing. A qualified rescuer. Twice he became a Master of sports of Brazilian sup surfing championship. He used to work in Hurly, Austria, and in Portugal during several years. For 15 years he is competing in National and South American world surfing league. He took 4th place in Brazilian kite surfing professional league. He had graduated from Catolic University of Sports. He looks strict, but actually he is a very joyful, kind and positive guy.


 Danya is joyful, friendly and attentive guy. He used to work in Dominicana as a trainer. He makes surfboards himself. He has been skateboarding and snowboarding, and of course surfing for a long time.


 Oksana is our irreplaceable assistant; she will help you any time and make your stay in the camp even more interesting.


 Aleksandra is the youngest in our team. She teaches surfing since 2016. She is a certified instructor of international surfing association, a certified life guard (ISA). Open-hearted cheerful girl. She helps her students to be closer to the ocean. She can tell you everything about surfing philosophy and find you the wave you need!


 Ilya is a professional photographer; he will watch you through his camera and will make pictures of your success.