About us

 We like active and brave people, as we are also of this kind.

 At the moment, we have two surf camps, in Portugal and in Sri Lanka. Within latest 4 seasons, more than 1000 tourists visited us, and many of them come back from season to season. These were joyful days, weeks and months, full of new emotions. A lot of friends (and more than friends) found each other, learned to catch waves and opened incredible Portugal and beautiful Sri Lanka for themselves. Now it’s your turn!

 Life is wonderful; it gives an opportunity to forget about standards and change oneself. Many people after visiting the camp told us that their philosophy, values, and life had changed. The ocean will open you new horizons. We will open new life for you. Surfing will never leave you cold, and you will forget about calm beach rest forever. However, on the other hand, you can combine it all at our place. Extreme, adrenaline, new tough emotions, sport, overcoming oneself, sun, ocean, joy, communication, and, of course, wonderful warm evenings together with new friends at a glass of the best in the world Portuguese Porto, or with a slice of Sri Lankan pineapple and a ripe passionfruit.

 You will surely meet a hot mix of waves, sun, surfing, yoga, games, bike trips, tasty food, excellent beaches, competitions and cool parties. Our camp is ready for adventures, and waits only for you, so grab the most necessary things and go ahead, join our family.

 Our surf camp in Portugal works from April 30 till October 8, and the one on Sri Lanka from November 18 till March 14!!!